A recent Fortune article by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, highlights the need for enduring values and great talent during troubled times.

In the closing paragraph, Mr. Collins states, “I don’t care how hard this period is. You have to have the combination of believing that you will prevail, that you will get out of this, but also not be the Pollyanna who ignores the brutal facts. You have to say that we will be in this for a long time and we will turn this into a defining event, a big catalyst to make ourselves a much stronger enterprise. Our characters are being forged in a burning. swaring crucible.”

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We would also like to recommend “How to Manage Your Business in a Recession”, another Fortune article by Geoff Colvin. Mr. Colvin’s ten recommendations will benefit every organization, stating, “In times like these the strong get stronger and the weak get eaten.”

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